Wednesday, 23 February 2011

10 Reasons for Migrating from Cisco CS-MARS to AccelOps

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – February 23, 2011 – AccelOps, the integrated datacenter and cloud monitoring company, today announced a Competitive Upgrade Package with “10 Reasons for Migrating from CS-MARS to AccelOps,” exclusively for Cisco CS-MARS security appliance customers and resellers. This is in response to the market demand from the current CS-MARS user community and resellers seeking a migration path, in response to the recent End-of-Life of CS-MARS.
The company’s new executive brief, “10 Reasons for Migrating from CS-MARS to AccelOps,” outlines the many advantages available for CS-MARS clients that migrate to AccelOps’ fully integrated datacenter and cloud monitoring platform.
In 2007, the original builders of CS-MARS formed AccelOps and set out to tackle emerging datacenter and cloud security, performance management and compliance challenges. The result is the AccelOps platform, an integrated solution with breakthrough innovations that address both the shortcomings of earlier generation SIEM, Log and Compliance products, as well as meeting the requirements of today’s extended datacenters in enterprises and Managed Service Providers (MSP/MSSP, Cloud/Hosting Providers).
Important features of AccelOps include:
  • Distributed data analytics and processing for scalability in real-time correlation while still maintaining full historic records for compliance reporting and incident investigation
  • Built-in compliance reporting and monitoring for PCI, CoBIT, SOX and HIPPA
  • New elastic monitoring technology provides dynamic expansion of monitoring capacity as needed, keeping pace as virtual and cloud resources expand dynamically
  • Pay-as-use model cost effectively handles unforeseen events/logs spikes without having to pre-position and pay for underutilized capacity to handle peak demands
  • Advanced capabilities match specific identity/user information to IP location/endpoints and cross-correlate multiple information sources at real-time speeds, delivering much higher levels of security compared to CS-MARS or other traditional SEIM technology
  • Change monitoring, auto topology discovery and CDMB
  • Business service and application mapping to infrastructure for incident impact awareness and prioritization
  • Multi-tenancy and usage metering for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and hybrid public/private cloud
The AccelOps solution is delivered in Virtual Appliances. Under the recently extended program, users can upgrade their MARS appliance to the equivalent AccelOps virtual appliance model at a highly competitive rate and receive a full year of maintenance and support. The package also includes assessment services to facilitate the transition process. A channel program is also available to qualified system integrators to participate in the Competitive Upgrade Package with significant incentives.
Visit AccelOps to learn more about the upgrade program and download the executive brief, the “Top 10 Reasons for Migrating from CS-MARS to AccelOps,” at:

About AccelOps - Intelligent. Proactive. Secure.

AccelOps' integrated data center and cloud monitoring solutions bring unparalleled operational intelligence, service reliability, efficiency and security to enterprises and service providers (MSP/MSSP, Cloud and hosting providers). Delivered as a scalable virtual appliance or SaaS, the AccelOps platform cross-correlates diverse operational data on-premise, off-premise and in cloud environments, enabling proactive management of performance, availability, security, change, metering and business services. AccelOps delivers efficient root-cause analysis, automates compliance reporting and reduces MTTR. Multi-tenancy and elastic monitoring capacity enable the platform to scale easily to service providers and large global enterprises. The company, with offices in Silicon Valley, London and Shanghai, markets their solution direct and through a network of authorized partners. See our breadth, depth and value by visiting or by taking a test drive at

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